No-First-Use (NFU) of Nuclear Weapons is NECESSARY

Opinions on Debatable Issues #14 No-first-use (NFU) policy states that the US has to reserve nuclear weapons strictly to retaliate in the aftermath of a nuclear attack against its territory or military personnel. Currently, the US has the option of initiating a nuclear attack on other nations without a premise. The 2018 Nuclear Posture Review,Continue reading “No-First-Use (NFU) of Nuclear Weapons is NECESSARY”

Thanksgiving is WORTH Celebrating, Even in Light of Its Origin

Opinions on Debatable Issues #13 Professor Robert Jensen of the University of Texas at Austin previously said: “One indication of moral progress in the United States would be the replacement of Thanksgiving Day and its self-indulgent family feasting with a National Day of Atonement accompanied by a self-reflective collective fasting.” The debate over the legitimacyContinue reading “Thanksgiving is WORTH Celebrating, Even in Light of Its Origin”

The Entity that has the Greatest Influence on Public Policy

Among all the political groups, I think economic interest groups have the most impact on public policy. First, I chose interest groups instead of social movement organizations because there are more successful lobbying attempts than there are social movements. This is because of the US’s unique political structure that provides room for interest groups toContinue reading “The Entity that has the Greatest Influence on Public Policy”

Funding the Defenders: Not Enough to Curb the Abuse of Prosecutorial Power

Opinions on Debatable Issues #12 “You have the right to remain silent … You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.” This is what you hear when being Mirandized. Coined and established in 1966, the Miranda warning is one of the steps that theContinue reading “Funding the Defenders: Not Enough to Curb the Abuse of Prosecutorial Power”

Reconciliation: Fight the Virus, Not the People!

Reconciliation Grocery Package Fundraiser Who Are We: Young people who want to do what we can to help people in our community to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. We are from different ethnic backgrounds, but we share the same purpose of achieving Reconciliation and Unity.   Our Cause: Let’s RECONCILE Asian Americans and White Americans. The virus has splitContinue reading “Reconciliation: Fight the Virus, Not the People!”

Congress, Presidency, Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court

The four major political institutions of the US are the Congress, the President, the bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court. Each of them, with different authorities and constituencies, keeps the entire nation function orderly and lawfully through collaboration and mutual oversight. They each have particular strengths that make them irreplaceable. The major strength of Congress liesContinue reading “Congress, Presidency, Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court”

Defending Patriotism

Opinions on Debatable Issues #11 Patriotism, as defined by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, denotes a special attachment to a particular political community or the devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country. It includes four qualities: Special affection for one’s own country A sense of personal identification with the country Special concern for the well-beingContinue reading “Defending Patriotism”

Is it truly ideal and effective to keep children from online dangers by allowing parents to monitor their social media accounts?

Opinions on Debatable Issues #10 Under the law, children in the United States are fully formed human beings with the same basic constitutional rights that adults enjoy. The Fourth Amendment protects privacy against unreasonable searches. A parent monitoring their children’s social media accounts with no evidence of any crimes being committed or dangers present isContinue reading “Is it truly ideal and effective to keep children from online dangers by allowing parents to monitor their social media accounts?”

Constitution: Creation of a government of laws, not men

The Constitution, using the principle of balance and check, creates a government that is powerful enough to secure general public welfare and national interests but not so powerful as to threaten the liberty of its people. The balancing and checking of power are put into practice through the division of power among three branches ofContinue reading “Constitution: Creation of a government of laws, not men”

Adapt to Thrive

Literature #1 Nothing is permanent in the world, so adapting then moving forward is the only way to survive. This is a dreadful yet indisputable reality that Gone with the Wind communicates. The changing of political and social environment, wealth, and affection are insurmountable and unstoppable. Scarlett, who is indomitable, resilient, and adaptive, moves forwardContinue reading “Adapt to Thrive”