Halloween Amidst the Pandemic. Yes or No?

Opinions on Debatable Issues #9 Since the late 1800s, Halloween has been a beloved and passionately celebrated holiday in the United States. The marvel costumes and delicious candies attract almost every person, kid or adult alike, to look forward to the upcoming October 31st. However, this year is different. Too much is being risked toContinue reading “Halloween Amidst the Pandemic. Yes or No?”

Roe v. Wade: Why the Current Ruling is both Unconstitutional and Unethical

Opinions on Debatable Issues #8 Roe v. Wade decides that a woman’s right to choose an abortion was protected by the privacy rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, the ruling was made on a false premise because it only upholds if abortion is a privacy issue. However, abortion is notContinue reading “Roe v. Wade: Why the Current Ruling is both Unconstitutional and Unethical”

Parents Should NOT be Given the Legal Rights to Refuse Medical Treatments for Children

Opinions on Debatable Issues #8 Normally, parents have the responsibility and authority to make medical decisions on behalf of their children. With a health-care proxy, parents can act as agents or proxies of their children to get information about the child’s condition, discuss options, express their wishes, and make treatment decisions when the children areContinue reading “Parents Should NOT be Given the Legal Rights to Refuse Medical Treatments for Children”

The United States Elections Should NOT be Run as a “Lottocracy”.

Opinions on Debatable Issues #7 Lottocracy, also called sortition, is the selection of political officials as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates. Ernest Callenbach and Michael Philips argue this “scheme would ensure fair representation for the people and their interests, elimination of many realpolitik behaviors, and a reduction in the influence ofContinue reading “The United States Elections Should NOT be Run as a “Lottocracy”.”

Using MORE Nuclear Energy for Commercial Energy Generation. Yes or No?

Opinions on Debatable Issues #6 What is commercial energy? According to sicencedirect.com, the energy sources that are used to generate electricity and that are available in the marketplace with a specific price are known as commercial energy sources. The most commercialized forms of commercial energy sources are electricity, coal, and advanced petroleum products. The majorContinue reading “Using MORE Nuclear Energy for Commercial Energy Generation. Yes or No?”

The Fairness of Progressive Taxes

Opinions on Debatable Issues #5 Progressive Taxes is a taxation system that imposes different tax rates based on the taxpayers’ financial ability with low-income individuals paying fewer taxes. Tax brackets are used to group taxpayers by income ranges. The money the individual earns places him or her into a bracket, resulting in a higher taxContinue reading “The Fairness of Progressive Taxes”

Why No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is a FAILURE

Opinions on Debatable Issues #4 The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Its main purpose is to improve education for all American students. The U.S. Department of Education emphasizes the Act’s operation following 4 pillars: Accountability: to ensure those students who are disadvantaged achieve academicContinue reading “Why No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is a FAILURE”

Why the US Should Hold Onto USPS

Opinions on Debatable Issues #3 USPS is the oldest and most important public goods in American history. It has catalyzed the development of many of our nation’s essential networks. Our national roads, railroad systems, and even airlines were kicked off by a need to transport mail around the country as efficiently as possible. 50 yearsContinue reading “Why the US Should Hold Onto USPS”

The “Weaknesses” of DACA

Opinions on Debatable Issues #2 DACA, the abbreviation for the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals is stirring lots of political disagreements and intense sentiments. Under the policy, people who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines may request consideration of deferred action, which is the use of prosecutorial discretion to deferContinue reading “The “Weaknesses” of DACA”

Nature vs. Nurture

Opinions on Debatable Issues #1 Nurture (environmental factors) plays a greater role in our abilities when we grow up. Everyone has predetermined intelligence from their DNA makeup, but the majority has intelligent disparities that are insignificant to make any discernable differences in abilities; hence, the different levels of development and accomplishment each of us mayContinue reading “Nature vs. Nurture”