Adapt to Thrive

Literature #1 Nothing is permanent in the world, so adapting then moving forward is the only way to survive. This is a dreadful yet indisputable reality that Gone with the Wind communicates. The changing of political and social environment, wealth, and affection are insurmountable and unstoppable. Scarlett, who is indomitable, resilient, and adaptive, moves forwardContinue reading “Adapt to Thrive”

SAVE LIVES: The Social Influences on Americans’ mask-wearing behavior during COVID-19 Survey

Dear everyone, I’m conducting a study regarding the Social Influences on Americans’ mask-wearing behavior during COVID-19. The purpose of the study is to provide evidential support to public policymaking regarding the handling of COVID-19 and future pandemics. The findings and conclusions from this study can potentially SAVE LIVES. If you live in the United States,Continue reading “SAVE LIVES: The Social Influences on Americans’ mask-wearing behavior during COVID-19 Survey”

Say “NO!” to Fat Stigma

Disabusing Stigmas Series (#1) By Sharon Huang Main Takeaways: Being overweight is not a shame nor a disease Diets do NOT work BMI is flawed (body works biologically, not physically) Finding your set-point weight is the key The challengin g of social anti-fat trend is crucial Steps to make peace with food and finding balanceContinue reading “Say “NO!” to Fat Stigma”

Must-Read book for Everyone

Getting to know how your body ACTUALLY works biologically, disabusing social FAT stigma, making PEACE with food, finding BALANCE in your life. “The only way to solve the weight problem is to stop making weight a problem—to stop judging ourselves and others by our size. Weight is not an effective measure of attractiveness, moral character,Continue reading “Must-Read book for Everyone”