Exploring Historical Revolutions and Revolutionary Thoughts

John Adams’s “Preface”: A Revolutionary Text John Adams, one of the founding fathers of the United States and an Enlightenment thinker of the 18th century, wrote a preface to justify the American Revolution and promote his model of a balanced Republic. He shows both the inevitability and the superiority of the American Revolution to presentContinue reading “Exploring Historical Revolutions and Revolutionary Thoughts”

Deepening Understanding of the Natural Law in Response to Sufferings: An Essential Quality of Humanity

“What is true humanity?” Complex emotions? Intelligence? Free will? Religion? This question has prompted biologists to study the human brain, philosophers to contemplate the meaning of life, and psychologists to study human behaviors. In this essay, I have no way to explain every possible answer to this complex question and touch on all areas ofContinue reading “Deepening Understanding of the Natural Law in Response to Sufferings: An Essential Quality of Humanity”

Gun Violence is A Public Health Issue

Opinions on Debatable Issues #29 According to the UW Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the US ranks 20th in per capita gun deaths. Approximately 30,000 Americans per year, 80 per day, die from gun violence. Gun violence is a heated topic in the News recently. The mass shooting in Atlanta and Wisconsin regained publicContinue reading “Gun Violence is A Public Health Issue”

A Woman of Indomitable Spirit: Jane Eyre

Gender inequality has been a perennial and controversial issue since the existence of human race. The debate over this particular subject became especially heated in the 20th century, during which social instability and enlightenment thinking provided women both the supression from the society and the oppourtunities to advocate for feminist rights. Besides marching and formingContinue reading “A Woman of Indomitable Spirit: Jane Eyre”

The Implications of the Nature of Party Coalition on Policymaking

In a heterogeneous society that respects individual rights, especially the right to express opinions freely, public opinions diversify and influence the formation of political groups, which represents people’s will, greatly. The Republican and Democratic Party of the US hold many opposing views. The gap has become increasingly broadened due to Party realignment and recent polarizationContinue reading “The Implications of the Nature of Party Coalition on Policymaking”

The Entity that has the Greatest Influence on Public Policy

Among all the political groups, I think economic interest groups have the most impact on public policy. First, I chose interest groups instead of social movement organizations because there are more successful lobbying attempts than there are social movements. This is because of the US’s unique political structure that provides room for interest groups toContinue reading “The Entity that has the Greatest Influence on Public Policy”

Reconciliation: Fight the Virus, Not the People!

Reconciliation Grocery Package Fundraiser Who Are We: Young people who want to do what we can to help people in our community to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. We are from different ethnic backgrounds, but we share the same purpose of achieving Reconciliation and Unity.   Our Cause: Let’s RECONCILE Asian Americans and White Americans. The virus has splitContinue reading “Reconciliation: Fight the Virus, Not the People!”

Congress, Presidency, Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court

The four major political institutions of the US are the Congress, the President, the bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court. Each of them, with different authorities and constituencies, keeps the entire nation function orderly and lawfully through collaboration and mutual oversight. They each have particular strengths that make them irreplaceable. The major strength of Congress liesContinue reading “Congress, Presidency, Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court”

Constitution: Creation of a government of laws, not men

The Constitution, using the principle of balance and check, creates a government that is powerful enough to secure general public welfare and national interests but not so powerful as to threaten the liberty of its people. The balancing and checking of power are put into practice through the division of power among three branches ofContinue reading “Constitution: Creation of a government of laws, not men”