The Economic System that is the Most Compatible with a Just Society

Opinions on Debatable Issues # 48 Many debates regarding the optimal type of economic system are centered on a specific theory or ideology, such as Capitalism or Communism. However, those discussions sometimes put more emphasis on the theoretical benefits or harms rather than the practical goals to achieve or problems to address. I believe anContinue reading “The Economic System that is the Most Compatible with a Just Society”

The Role of Government in the Optimal Economic System

Opinions on Debatable Issues #47 In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and other editors laid out the role of government, upon which many democratic countries are built: to secure inalienable rights, including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (262). The responsibility to safeguard those basic rights of the people should guide governmental actionsContinue reading “The Role of Government in the Optimal Economic System”

Couple of reasons why Math is not the only best way to understand the world.

Opinions on Debatable Issues #46 As math, and STEM, in general, have become more important in the world, many start to claim that Math is the universal language and best tool for humans to explore and understand the world. That statement has lots of merits as shown in economic growth, model predictions, technological advancements, andContinue reading “Couple of reasons why Math is not the only best way to understand the world.”

An Attempt to Argue Against Mind-Body Dualism

Opinions on Debatable Issues #45 The encyclopedia defines mind-body dualism as the philosophical view that mind and body are fundamentally distinct kinds of substances or natures. It implies that the mind and body are different kinds of entities, so one can exist without the other. This belief opposes any theory that identifies the mind withContinue reading “An Attempt to Argue Against Mind-Body Dualism”

Is Democracy in Danger?

Opinions on Debatable Issues #44 With the escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine, many raise the concern that the world’s democracies might be in danger of being overrun by authoritarians. According to Merriam-Webster, overrun means “to defeat decisively and occupy the positions or to invade”. Therefore, this concern stands true if authoritarian countries/regimes are goingContinue reading “Is Democracy in Danger?”

Some benefits of raising kids in a gender-neutral environment

Opinions on Debatable Issues #43 Raising kids with Gender neutrality refers to a parenting style that does not impose gender-related expectations on children and lets them explore their interests and passion free from social norms. Many European countries have adopted or at least passed policies that have given some thought to promoting gender-neutral schooling andContinue reading “Some benefits of raising kids in a gender-neutral environment”

What reformers need to keep in mind when engaging in activism

Though a collective effort of community is required for a successful revolutionary mission, individual reformers must resist the very tempting mindless following of the masses to work steadily toward the desired changes. Meanwhile, as individuals pursue personal convictions, they must also recognize their moral obligation of educating and informing others who are struggling to findContinue reading “What reformers need to keep in mind when engaging in activism”

A Humble Attempt to Break down Conscience

In this piece of writing, I want to break down my understanding of the process of constructing a more reasonable and just conscience based on three levels of conscience coined by Timothy O’Connell: First, establish a general moral standard through understanding basic human rights. Second, applying the theories into the real world to form aContinue reading “A Humble Attempt to Break down Conscience”

Interpreting the Definition of Freedom in Freire’s book Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Though freedom is the ultimate pursuit of most western ideologies, its practicality remains a topic of heated discussion. By examining how oppressive systems operate and feed injustice, Paulo Freire offers a guide for the oppressed to escape the cycle of oppression in his renowned work Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Among his numeral critical takes in theContinue reading “Interpreting the Definition of Freedom in Freire’s book Pedagogy of the Oppressed”

Why memory implantation might be useful/beneficial?  

Opinions on Debatable Issues #42 Memory implantation used to only exist in science fiction or our wild imagination. However, scientists have found that it is not only possible but has been happening since the birth of the human race as a natural feature or side product of memory construction. Now, with a better understanding ofContinue reading “Why memory implantation might be useful/beneficial?  “