Reconciliation: Fight the Virus, Not the People!

Reconciliation Grocery Package Fundraiser

Who Are We: Young people who want to do what we can to help people in our community to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. We are from different ethnic backgrounds, but we share the same purpose of achieving Reconciliation and Unity.  

Our Cause: Let’s RECONCILE Asian Americans and White Americans. The virus has split us apart, but we must unite and combat this crisis altogether!


Our Mission: Raise >$3000 to help more than 300 Asian families that are struggling to feed themselves due to unemployment incurred by the pandemic. Packing and distributing grocery packages that worth 30$ each to the families. Our goal is to get the packages to the people before Thanksgiving and Christmas so that they can have a better holiday. 

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Our Partners:
1) Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC), which helps immigrants throughout King County achieve success in their new community by providing information, referral, advocacy, social, and support services. CISC helps locate and contact families with the most urgent need and the packages will be distributed accordingly.
2) Qualicious, a Seattle-based food wholesaler that offers and delivers a full line of fruits and vegetables with high quality to customers directly from farms. All groceries are checked, chosen, and packaged by Qualicious to ensure the quality of the food and the safety of the beneficiaries.

Our Story:
The rampant COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the United States once again. Minority groups are especially vulnerable to the surge in COVID cases, entering this coming winter wave of new infections. African Americans, for instance, are much easier than Whites to be hospitalized and have severe symptoms. However, many overlook the struggles of Asian Americans in this pandemic. 

Asian-owned businesses have struggled a lot. And Asian American workers have gone from having the lowest unemployment rate in the country to one of the highest. In fact, a year ago, the jobless rate for Asian Americans was 2.8%. But according to the Labor Department’s employment report, the jobless rate for Asian Americans in May was 15% and in August was 10.7%, far exceeding unemployment for White Americans, at 7.3%, and for workers overall, at 8.4%. 

What’s more unbearable than financial burdens is society’s criticism and discrimination. According to Human Rights Watch, “Asians and people of Asian descent have been targets of derogatory language in media reports and statements by politicians as well as on social media platforms, where hate speech related to Covid-19 also appears to have spread extensively.” Those are not complaints from Asians to evoke sympathy from the public. Other authorities have recognized and alarmed the severity of workplace discrimination against Asians. Amy Bess, shareholder and labor and employment chair at Vedder Price, in Washington, told Bloomberg Law that “You are seeing anecdotally, people spitting at Asian people on the streets and yelling obscenities, that could translate to the workplace.” Asian-owned stores are being attacked, many experiences both financial loss and verbal insults. 

Human Rights Watch

As reasonable and compassionate individuals, we must treat the virus rationally and empower each other to overcome the adversities instead of provoking demagogues, hate, and fractions. To heal the wound incurred on the victims of racial discrimination and reconcile Asian Americans and Caucasian Americans, we should demonstrate our kindness to each other by offering help. The Reconciliation Grocery Package helps convey this message! 

Only $10 can bring hope, comfort, and a sense of community support to a family amidst a period of uncertainty, fear, and helplessness. 

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